For generations the Clark’s have gathered in crowded kitchens and around large tables to share recipes and taste new dishes. The kitchen is a special place for the Clarks, where food and family complement each other perfectly. Naturally this way of life led Amy Clark to pursue a career in food. To continue their families love and passion for quality home made cooking. Our mission is to produce a combination of both contemporary and traditional family condiments and sauces. With all products adhering to good, old fashioned qualities. We stand for real ingredients, unique concepts, bold flavour and good value.

Sriracha (pronounced See-Rah-Cha) is a traditional hot chilli sauce that originated in the beautiful coastal town of Si Racha in Thailand. Sriracha is so delicious it should be a staple in everyone’s grocery store cupboard like tomato sauce, therefore it should be priced right and affordable. Which is why we are proud to be the first locally produced Sriracha sauce that can now offer this. By producing locally we not only support our local farmers and businesses but we are also able to offer the customer a great value product with great quality. Sriracha for everything and for everyone we say! Flaming Tiger Sriracha™ sauce is made from sun-ripened chillies and garlic, giving this sauce a delicious and authentic Asian flavour packed with umami.