From food service to retail, Flaming Tiger is turning up the heat.

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Malinco Foods, producers of Flaming Tiger, South Africa’s locally made Sriracha hot sauce, is now used within Kauai.

“Having Kauai add our sauce to a few of their menu items s a testament to our pursuit of creating cleaner products that not only taste great, but use less sugar and offer great value too. Flaming Tiger has less sugar than all the imported sriracha’s. The fact that Kauai are replacing an imported brand for Flaming Tiger is very encouraging.” Wallace Seggie, Malinco Foods Managing Director

Flaming Tiger is produced in the Western Cape. Made from sun ripened red jalapenos this hot sauce not only packs a serious punch of heat but delivers on flavour too with just the right amount of garlic, acidity and sweetness with a well rounded umaminess. Listed in Pick ‘n Pay’s nationally, South Africans are rapidly warming up to this new hot sauce sensation. Wallace believes the Sriracha category will be as popular as Sweet Chilli sauce in future.

“We’ve only been on the shelves for a few months now, but have already seen impressive growth from Pick ‘n Pay. Sriracha is such a versatile sauce and it’s our view that it will be as popular as Sweet Chilli in future. Sweet Chilli sauce didn’t exist in South Africa before 2000 and today is worth nearly a third of the value of the tomato sauce category. The more we make the better efficiencies we get which means you’ll start to see our prices drop until they’re within the reach of all South Africans. We want Sriracha to be a staple in everyone’s grocery cupboard. Having both a large retailer and a restaurant chain on board will further establish Flaming Tiger as South Africa’s authority on all things Sriracha.” notes Wallace Seggie.

Amy Seggie, Co-Founder of Malinco Foods and head of Product Development describes their challenging journey and what makes Flaming Tiger so unique.

“We started making Sriracha in our kitchen in late 2014 and spent nearly two years in development. Making it at home is easy, making it in a factory in 500 kg batches brings about an entirely new set of challenges. Not only are we working with a fresh produce, but chillies are seasonal adding additional pressure in terms of forecasting. What makes Flaming Tiger truly unique is our chilli pulping process that uses the entire chilli, the stem, seeds and all which means we maintain a lot of the nutritional benefits chillies have to offer. This also means we have zero chilli waste too. We don’t use any MSG, artificial sweeteners or azo dye colourants and we’re always looking at ways to make our products even cleaner with shorter ingredient statements and less sugar. These combined attributes are precisely what Kauai expect from their suppliers and we’re so happy to see our product in the hands of Kauai’s CEO, Dean Kowarski and his team of passionate foodies ”

“There are so many great food products coming out of South Africa and it’s inspiring to see a large chain like Kauai recognising it and supporting our local food industry. Not only does it set a great example within the foods sector, but it motivates other businesses to take a closer look at what’s available right here in South Africa.” concludes Amy Seggie.

Malinco Foods develops, manufactures and distributes sauces, condiments and preserves. The company was founded in 2014 with the ultimate goal of revolutionising the food industry.

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